Monday, January 10, 2011

My Pals

 They're both females but who says a guy can't have girls for BFF's, even if he's an old married grump?

Lucy the American Bulldog

Coco the Labradoodle

Starting Over

I screwed up. I wanted to discontinue the Google Adsense deal where Google was attaching ads to my blogs. In the course of 3 years on the program I generated about $5.88 revenue from "hits" on the ads attached to my blogs. Didn't seem to make sense to keep it going so I decided to cancel my subscription to the program today. Since I'm a technological whiz kid when it comes to computers I whipped right through all the steps required to cancel the program and simultaneously wiped out all my blog postings from the last three years. I feel like I just kicked my best friend off the life raft to make more room for me. My intentions were good but my methods sucked.

So, here I go again. Starting over. If any among my vast following audience decide to follow this blog again I hope you can find it. It's got the same title, JD's Blahs, but had to change the url a tad. I feel worse that I also wiped out my genealogy blog, "My Search Goes On" but maybe I can start that one up again as well.

No big loss anyway as my rate of posting has slowed considerably. I just wish I'd printed out more than I did (just a hand full) but that's the way it goes. It's not like I've got a legacy I need to preserve through my writing. I want to make one big improvement in my postings from now on...I'm going to try to do less complaining about things that bug me. No guarantees but that's my intent.

January 2011