Thursday, December 31, 2015


     Catchy name, don't ya' think? ENCORE, maestro, ENCORE!  Pretty smart advertising, if you ask me. Get a Buick Encore and get one again. Since I got a two year lease on my new Encore I suppose if it works out okay I just might get one again. We'll see. I have had it for over three weeks now and like it a lot. If I feel the same in two years then I can lease another one or if I really like it a lot I can buy the one I've got now. At least I'll know how the car was maintained and if there were any problems noted by the previous owner. Pictured below. Ain't she puuurrrr-ty? 


     This photo is from the brochure. My Encore is not silver like the one above. Mine is "Deep Espresso Brown Metallic." It's a small SUV, about a couple of feet shorter than the GMC Terrain I had before. Leased it with free SiriusXM and OnStar service for the full two years. Small 1.4L turbo engine that Edmunds whines about slow acceleration but what do they know? It's got plenty of power for me. I gave up concerns for 0 to 60 mph performance records many decades ago. And haven't had any problems getting up to speed on I-75 yet. I also like the fact that the small car and the small engine so far have been averaging 27 miles per gallon in combined city and highway driving. Mostly city, so that's pretty good. I've seen it register high thirties at 70 mph on I  -75 so I'm looking forward to what the fuel economy will average when we drive up to MV next summer. 

     Anyway, I've always blogged about any new car I've gotten so I'm just upholding my blog traditions with this post. In other words, I'm car blogging again. You could call this an encore blog.