Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Move

Well, we've done it. Me, Sam, and her mother, Flo. We don't plan to do it again. It's too much work. We've moved from our town home in Riverview to a paired villa in Sun City Center.  Reduced our living space from 1858 square feet down to 1503. More importantly, we no longer have to contend with stairs. Not that Sam and I had problems with the stairs but we're not getting any younger. Every time I watched Flo negotiating the stairs in our town home I held my breath, just waiting for her to take a header.  That was always a scary sight. Anyway, here we are, safe and sound and no stair scare war stories to report.  Now we live in a one story ground floor abode where the only stairs are the one step up or down at the front door. And here we are in a 55+ community with six golf courses, two huge rec centers with indoor and outdoor pools, and more clubs and activities than you can shake a stick at.  (If you are familiar with that term you probably belong in a 55+ community yourself.  So come on down and join us.  Meet you at the shuffleboard courts! ) Truth is we haven't seen any shuffleboard activity here; it might be more of a mobile home community activity than here in Sun City.  Not that there's anything wrong with mobile home parks or shuffleboard. It's just that we've been there, done that, and are excited to be in our new ground floor home.

The pics below are out of sequence but I'm not tech savvy enough to fix.  The captions should be your guide as to whether you're viewing the old or the new place. And fifty minutes from now who's going to care anyway.
Measuring how furniture will fit in the new place

We were soooo scientific! Didn't work out quite the way we planned.

Our new street as viewed from front of our villa.

Boxing up living room stuff at the town home.
Flo takes a breather on the couch with boxes for headrest.
Sam dials in her setting on the sleep number air mattress.
Boxes filling up the kitchen floor in the new digs.
The new "Man Cave" looking more like a crawl space. 
Made dinner 1st night with scissors only utensil we could find. 
Movers wheeling in the household goods.

More boxes and **THE STAIRS** at the old house.
My desk in my "Man Cave" at the old house.
Flo views the packing process in the old place.

We moved in yesterday and are still unpacking boxes.  Hope our kids and grandkids will be able to help us finish up the job tomorrow.  We'll mail out cards next week with our new address and telephone number.