Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nothing I Can Say

It feels like I've been holding myself back from making political comments on this blog.  Perhaps my instincts to muffle my political opinions are the best instincts I have.  Best, in the sense that I've always tried to maintain the policy that the more you keep your mouth shut, the less chance there is of sticking your foot into it. I don't know who originated that thought but it has always seemed like a good policy to embrace. Probably more so because my opinions expressed in a public forum like Google Blogs are impossible to take back. I don't have the time, the energy, or the staff of assistants ready and willing to put the right spin on something I might say that I didn't think about before I said it. And I don't spend a lot of time editing any of the blogs I post for anything other than spelling.  Yes, it's true, I don't like misspellings in published writing, especially when the writer is me.  What can I say?  I was raised on phonics so I'm eternally hooked on proper spelling.

Donald Trump's recent verbal vomiting,  first about Obama's "missing" birth certificate,  and subsequently about the president's "questionable" qualifications for entries into Columbia and Harvard Law School, is one of the issues I've been straining to withhold from my blahs.  What a freaking bird-brain platform from which to start an exploration into national politics! If that's what it is. I'm not so sure. It may be just his efforts at self promotion and even a dummy like me knows he is a master at promoting himself. But anybody who thinks that The Donald  has even one ounce of the qualifications required to be President is missing a screw somewhere. Which leads me to my point and my political agenda in this blog...nothing I can say is going to change your mind. No matter how many screws in your head are loose.

I myself am a master at something too. A master of jumping on the bandwagon of ideas that sound good to me when I hear them. I thought Obama's comment about "circus barkers" was very close to the mark in describing his most recent critic. Before he used that description I had read an editorial that put the label of "clown" on The Donald.  I thought that was the more accurate of the two but they both worked in my mind and I embraced them in my pool of opinions about the Trumpmeister (that tag is mine but anyone is welcome to use it). But again, if you've already hooked your wagon to DaDon's circus train, nothing I can say is going to change your mind.  Mr. Trump is a great entertainer. I am a fan who watches Celebrity Apprentice like clockwork. I even stayed in one of his hotels once. So I've got nothing against the guy other than to say I think he should stick to those things he knows best...TV entertainment, family nepotism, and real estate.

Conspiracies are alluring.  I don't know why but I know one when I see one.  I never had any doubt that the "birthers" were ignorant of the facts but I recognize how intriguing it can be to see a few clues, some true, others not so true,  all fall into place and blend together into a juicy, radical, gossipy-sort of theory that would perk up the ears of any of us. The point where conspiracies can become mean spirited is, in my opinion, where most of us disconnect our wagons and recognize the conspiracy for what it is...bullshit.  But there are some who cannot disconnect.  There will be people who go to their graves believing that Obama was born outside the United States.  Nothing I can say or anyone can say will change their minds. Same with any whose curiosity has been aroused about The Trumpster's shots across the stern regarding Obama's scholastic performance. The implication seems to be that a guy who graduated from Harvard Law magna cum laude (that means he done good) perhaps wasn't qualified to go there! It makes me wonder if the same "team of investigators" that TheTrumplator sent to Hawaii for the certificate search are the same buffoons investigating Obama's scholastic records.  Someone needs to tell TheHairHead that he can call off the investigators. Not because it's bullshit. This investigation, if there is one, falls into the category of who gives a shit!?!  Wonder what class at the Wharton School Trumplestiltskin missed when they explained what magna cum laude meant?  The truth is, again, nothing I can say will change anybody from believing what they want to believe. Even if it's BS. So that's enough said.