Friday, January 14, 2011

Slowing Down and Liking It!

Had an appointment today with hematologist for follow up on my MDS. My white blood cell counts are holding steady while red cells and platelets have actually gone up a little bit.  I still have no symptoms beyond blood tests so that in combo with the numbers means we don't need to do anything about it right now. We'll just take another look in three months and see what's going on then. So the progression of MDS has basically held steady and for that I'm grateful. It is not a sign that the disease is going away. As much as I might wish that were true, the bottom line is that MDS is not reversible.  It's also not curable.  No pills or surgery will fix the problem. When the numbers start to drop as they inevitably will and physical symptoms start coming into play then treatment with chemotherapy will be recommended. Way down the line a stem cell (bone marrow) transplant might be a "cure" but it carries a whole lot of risks and lifestyle adjustments that are considerable. For now, I'll settle for what my doctor suggests might be MDS with slow progression. Keep it sloooooow, baby reeeeeeaaaaaaalll slow.